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Travelling Solo

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I used to do this all the time. Book the flights and hotel separately so I got exactly the accommodation I wanted in the place I wanted to be. I was, of course, so much younger then and the details that bother me now never occurred to me then. There are so many of these details to consider when you are travelling solo, and, especially as a solo female. The times we live in now are also, sadly, a factor to be considered.

The Pros

It is a lovely feeling and so exciting to plan a trip away, be it a staycation or an overseas vacation. The freedom of not having to please others - the choice of type of accommodation and where to go totally up to you, not having to defer to others likes and requirements which, when we think about it, aren't always entirely "our cup of tea". So there is a tremendous amount of autonomy when we choose to go it alone.

The Cons

There are, of course, also the drawbacks. What if something unforeseen happens, what if we don't speak the same language? Dining alone - do we choose to go to restaurants and sit at a lone table or do we book something that is self-catering because that way we are not "on show". What if we become unwell or have an accident?

What reasons for travelling solo?

Well as mentioned above it does offer the freedom of choice and not being shackled to others timetables, likes, dislikes and agendas. Let's face it, our friends are not always free at the same time we are. The thought of solo travel for me was re-kindled many years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. Once on the road to recovery I just wanted a place where I could go and stay and where somebody would take care of me. I didn't want to have to get my own transport from the airport. I didn't particularly want to cook my own meals or make my own bed. Frankly, I wanted a bit of TLC. Sadly, I didn't' find it.

My first solo trip in a very long time

Last year I made my first solo trip in many a year. It was a safe one - to some friends in Portugal. It was lovely to get away and it reminded me of how I felt all those years ago when I just wanted a bolt hole. Now I have friends who themselves are on the road to recovery from one illness or another, others who are Carers (some are both!). Then there are the friends who are just plain tired and truly in need of a break away where somebody takes care of them and so, the Salazar travelling solo idea took root.

Salazar travelling solo

And so, the Salazar solo traveller was born. To offer a world away from everyday life, a bolt hole, a safe and beautiful place where somebody takes care of you for a change. From collection at the airport to food, drink, sightseeing and pampering. We have a little something for everybody. All you have to do is book the flight. Just take a look!

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