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New Website Launch heralding our new "solo" traveller offering

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I am, in the words of a very dear friend of mine, "super excited" to be launching our new "salazarholidays" website - why a new website? We wanted to up our game. New services, new products but still offering that "home from home" experience, going that extra mile for old and new clients alike.

Finding your perfect holiday

This has been such a journey of discovery. I had no idea how difficult, time consuming and worrying it could be whilst on the search for that elusive no stress holiday experience. The organisation, the never ending research, the continual surfing of the web to find that special place. There's plenty of information out there but how can we be sure that we are spending our money wisely and getting exactly what we want?

You survived the interrogation

So, on my quest to find out exactly what people do want I asked many questions of many people. A big thank you to all of you who contributed. It was a very enlightening experience.

Definitely small but beautifully formed

And so, our new website was born. Booking any holiday direct with the owner has to be the way to go. No added fees, no middle (wo)man, and you get access to all that local expertise - priceless. This has to be a win-win situation doesn't it? We may not be big with loads of rooms but we are beautifully formed!

Ladies, check out the new solo traveller package

Most exciting for me is our new Solo Traveller package. I know since I became a widow I still longed for a holiday but the urge to travel is less because I wonder how safe I would be, and how much I would enjoy being on my own. I did this 25 years ago and it was okay but I don't have the same confidence now. My friends can't always travel at the same time as me and I don't really want to book a large hotel or go on group outings. Hence the idea of the Salazar Solo Traveller was born. Sometimes we just need to escape for whatever the reason, feeling overwhelmed by work and family commitments, on the road to recovery from a serious illness, needing time to plan a project or just plain in need of a break.

No impersonal big hotels, solo but comfortable, a real home from home

The idea that I could meet likeminded people in a warm and friendly environment and where I felt totally confident and at home was a game changer for me. Being on our own shouldn't mean we are restricted - life is all about spreading our wings and enjoying ourselves but we need to feel comfortable doing so. Hope you enjoy the new site and that it encourages you to come and see me!

A round of applause to those who made my new site possible

And, finally, a huge thanks to all at Mellow Marsh Software for the hard work, advice, patience (some things had to be explained to me more than once, in fact several times) and a special word of thanks to Mr. Evans without whom this website just wouldn't be, not forgetting, of course, the eponymous Mr. Marsh.

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